À la carte

Served Monday-Saturday 17.00 - closing.



Olives 5€
Marcona Almonds 5€
Anchovies and bread 9€
Deep Fried pickled cucumber 8€
Potatoe chips and whitefish roe, sour cream 13€



Blackened Arctic Char - ginger, soya, whitefish roe, kohlrabi, jalapeño, crispy potatoes 18 €
Lightly smoked and cured beef - jerusalem artichoke, parsnip, lingonberry, spruce, leek ashes 18 €
Cold Soup of red cabbage - cucumber, apple, mustard ice cream, cress, cumin flakes 15 €


Beef tenderloin - jerusalem artichoke, root vegetables, bella blanco, lightly smoked bone marrow sauce, potatoe terrine 43 €
Cod - rutabaga, savoy cabbage, sweet onions, roasted pork emulsion, bluemussel crisp, potatoes 36 €
Beef cheek - carrots, mushrooms, smoked pork, onions, red wine, potatoe puré, truffles 29 €
Cauli flower - root vegetables, miso, pointed cabbage, mushrooms, sweet onions, mung beans, jalapenõ, marcona almonds, browned butter 28 €
Pork Belly Sandwich - chorizo cream cheese, coleslaw, marinated cucumber, red onions, jalapeño mayonnaise, french fries 25 €
House burger - chipotle mayonnaise, caramelized onion, kastelholm cheese, bacon, french fries 20 €



Crème Brûlée - blackberry- gin sorbet, raspberry, malt 13€
Warm Doughnut- chocolate-caramel ganache, pear ice cream, hazelnut, bee pollen 13€
Vanillaice cream - whipped cream, caramel sauce, roasted coconut 12€


Subject to possible changes.