À la carte

Served Tuesday-Saturday 17.00 - closing.



Olives 5€
Marcona Almonds 5€
Anchovies and bread 8€
Toast with chantarelles 9€
Potatoe chips and whitefish roe, sour cream 10€



Scallop - trout roe, shiitake mushroom, browned soya butter, cauliflower, apple, chives 18 €
Lightly smoked and cured beef - jerusalem artichoke, parsnip, lingonberry, spruce, leek ashes 18 €
Baked Jerusalem Artichoke - walnut, kale, carrot, onion, cress, dill 17 €


Reindeer - brussels sprouts, mushroom, onion, carrot, black root, black currant sauce, potatoe croquettes 43 €
Arctic char - fennel, cucumber, kohlrabi, beets, trout roe, sandefjord sauce, malt crisp, potatoe puré 36 €
Pork secreto - beets, savoy cabbage, mushrooms, apple, celeriac, mustard sauce, parmesan potatoe 29 €
Savoy Cabbage Rolls - mushroom, lentils, black root, endives, cabbage gravy, potatoe puré 28 €
Steak sandwich - smoked pork, truffle aioli, parmesan, cress, french fries 27 €
House burger - chipotle mayonnaise, caramelized onion, kastelholm cheese, bacon, french fries 20 €



Crème Brûlée - blackberry gin sorbet, raspberry, malt 13€
Chocolate x 2- chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, sea buckthorn, merengue 13€
Vanillaice cream - strawberrys, whipped cream, caramel sauce, roasted coconut 12€


Subject to possible changes.