À la carte

Served Tuesday-Saturday 17.00 - closing.






Anchovies and bread 9€
Deep fried pickled cucumber 8€
Marcona almonds 6€
Potatoe chips and whitefish roe 9€


Flamed Åland beef - smoked pea soy, porcinicréme, Västerbotten cheese, silver onion, hazelnuts, crispy beetroots

18 €

Gin marinated Åland salmon - kohlrabi, red onion, cold smoked trot roe, mustard cream, dill, crispy potatoes

17 €
Toast - whitefish roe, sour cream, red onion, lemon 17 €
King Crab - cauliflower, cucumber, radish, bubu arare, Bergamot citronette 18 €

Jerusalem artichoke soup - Crispy mushrooms, jerusalem artichoke chips, seaweed caviar, rosemary croutons

15 €


Beef Tenderloin  - celeriac puré, bella verde, shallot, mushroom, carrot crisp, Madeira sauce, herb-bone marrow butter, potatoe gratin 39 €
Åland Perch - fennel, savoy cabbage, black root, black radish, smoked trout roe, seafood sauce, lightly smoked oil, potatoe puré 35 €

Pluma From Swedish Farm Pig - Carrot puré, pak choi,string beans, pear chutney, long peppersauce, sesame-garlic emulsion, crispy potatoes

31 €
Tahini roasted cauliflower pak choi, bellaverde, black root, borlotti beans, carrot crisp,Herb-chili emulsion, crispy potatoes 27 €
Pork Belly Sandwich - chorizo cream cheese, coleslaw, marinated cucumber, red onions, jalapeño mayonnaise, french fries 25 €
House burger - chipotle mayonnaise, caramelized onion, kastelholm cheese, bacon, french fries 20 €
Steak sandwich - truffle mayonnaise, onion, parmesan, cress, french fries 28€



Cheeseplate - selected cheeses, marmalade, crisp bread, crostini 15€

Chocolat crème brûlée - figs, hazelnuts

Änglamat - lingonberry, merengue, whipped cream, caramel sauce, cookie crumble,  vanilla ice cream 13€
Warm doughnut - raspberry, salt licorice ice cream, roasted white chocolate 13€
Vanilla ice cream - whipped cream, caramel sauce, roasted coconut 12€






Subject to possible changes.