You can find a selection of small dishes on the black board on top of the kitchen.
One small dish is like a starter, you can also choose several small dishes to combine your own menu.
Enjoy your meal!
Main Course
Fillet of Beef 32.00€ parsley root, apple, root vegetables, pistachio, grated duck liver, red wine sauce
Fillet of perch 30.00€ turnip cabbage, chanterelle, trout roe, butter sauce
Steak Sandwich 19.00€ horseradish, dijonmustard, salad, sourdough, french fries
Baked cauliflower 22.00€ rye bread, smoked almonds, parmesan, butter sauce, oyster mushroom
Please feel free to ask your waiter
about tonights desserts
or you can find them on one of the black boards above the kitchen.