Head chef Dennis Lindqvist and his team at Kvarter5 offer a vivid and variable menu which is changing with the seasons. Dennis chooses the ingredients from local producers when possible, the food is flavorful and everything is made from scratch – no semi manufactured goods are used, no short cuts are being taken. 

Cured white asparagus 16.00€ ramsons, Wrångebäck cheese, sour dough, smoked brisket, truffle
Lumpfish roe 15.00€ potato, sour cream, browned butter, silverskin onion, baked yolk
Salmon 15.00€ yuzu, white soya, avocado, wasabi, rice paper, cilantro
Main Course
Cod 32.00€ cabbage, asparagus, cucumber, ramsons, garden peas, broccoli, fennel, seaweed
Meat from Bolstaholm in Geta 38.00€ selery, tomato, jalapeno, tarragon, feta
Pork belly 29.00€ kale, kapers, chicken gravy, apple, parsnip
Point Cabbage 26.00€ spinache, cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, truffle, cauliflower, parmesan, gnocchi, miso
House burger 18.50€ served medium to medium well, truffle mayonnaise, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickled leek, French fries
Rhubarb 13.00€ lemon grass, elderflower, tarte
Crème brûlée 13.00€ fermented strawberry
Cheese platter 13.50€ variety of Nordic cheeses, seed crisp bread, Kvarter5´s own marmalade
Sorbet 10.00€ two scoops of homemade sorbet (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)
Ice cream 5.00€ One scoop of homemade ice cream (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)