King crab 16.00€ cauliflower, kohlrabi, red curry, soy, ginger
Juniper branch smoked beef tartare 15.00€ marrow, bleak roe, rye bread, Himmelsraften cheese
Jerusalem artichoke 14.00€ pickled, miso baked, dried Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut emulsion, browned butter, mushroom oil
Main Course
Char 34.00€ leek, green chili, coriander marinated cucumber, slightly smoked broccoli, cabbage, trout roe, algae flakes, butter sauce
Beef 32.00€ champignon, potato crème, beetroot, fried silverskin onion, herb butter, sherry vinegar gravy, leek ash
Rooster legs 29.00€ celery, green chili, aubergine, cabbage, roasted chicken bouillon
Beet and black salsify 26.00€ black salsify boiled in butter, goat cheese foam, grated goat cheese, variety of beet, buttered cabbage stock, popped mustard seeds, spruce oil
House burger 18.50€ cheddar cheese, truffel mayonnaise, bacon, pickled leek, French fries
Blueberry vanilla parfait 12.00€ salt roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate, cardamom
Apple 12.00€ apple compote, oats, salty caramel sauce, bay leaf ice cream
Cheese platter 13.50€ variety of Nordic cheeses, seed crisp bread, Kvarter5´s own marmalade
Sorbet 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade sorbet (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)
Ice cream 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade ice cream (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)