You can find a selection of small dishes on the black board on top of the kitchen.
One small dish is like a starter, you can also choose several small dishes to combine your own menu.
Enjoy your meal
Main Course
Char 31.00€ cauliflower creme, shellfish velouté, buttered cabbage, ginger, kohlrabi, seaweed, salmon roe
Blackened fillet of veal 32.00€ variety of celeriac, crispy mushroom, herb butter, green pepper gravy
Rooster legs 29.00€ jerusalem artichoke puré, slightly cured yellow beet, rooster gravy, smoked almond, grated foie gras
Savoy cabbage rolls 26.00€ puy lentils, soy marinated mushrooms, crispy artichoke, fennel miso bouillon, grated parmesan
House burger 18.50€ cheddar cheese, truffel mayonnaise, bacon, pickled leek, French fries
Blueberry 12.00€ mousse, coconut, dark chocolate, meringue, browned butter powder
Frozen white chocolate 12.00€ yoghurt, salty fudge, winter pear, salt roasted hazelnuts
Cheese platter 13.50€ variety of Nordic cheeses, seed crisp bread, Kvarter5´s own marmalade
Sorbet 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade sorbet (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)
Ice cream 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade ice cream (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)