Scallop 16.00€ cauliflower, soy, almond, grated cilantro, sunchoke
Matjessill 14.00€ brown butter foam, potatoes, silver onion, trout roe
Blackened tartar of horse beef 15.00€ avocado, pepper, wonton, green chili, miso, shiso cress
Main Course
Perch 31.00€ sorrel, smoked butter, broccoli, lotus root, jalapeno, fennel
Beef tenderloin 34.00€ celeriak, parmesan, asparagus, mushroom
Pig cheek 28.50€ kale, peas, dill, sunchoke, grated miso
Stuffed cabbage roll 26.00€ leek, kale, green, truffel, browned soy butter, mustard seed
House burger 18.50€ Cheddar cheese, truffel mayonnaise, bacon, pickled leek, French fries
Rhubarb 13.00€ lemon verbena ice cream, yuzucurd, almond
Baked vanilla créme 13.00€ strawberry ice cream
Cheese platter 13.50€ veriety of Nordic cheeses, seed crisp bread, Kvarter5´s own marmalade
Sorbet 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade sorbet (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)
Ice cream 5.00€ 1 scoop of homemade ice cream (ask your waiter for today´s flavor)